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How to be non-generic?

Quite a lot of people are afraid to be an odd one out of the group. The people who do not abide by the rules/ideals normalized by people are often referred to as eccentric. If there is something called “too odd” then trust me, there is something called “too-generic” too. Being generic causes stagnation and the boring life follows. Almost everyone except for a very few people is living the same monotonous boring life and they crave to find something new, something mysterious, something that they do not quite fully understand. And if you have always felt invisible and sad then that is because you are too much like other people (generic) i.e you are just like everyone else. I mean why would someone want to spend his/her time on a guy/girl who has nothing interesting/different going on their life. Today I will give you advice on how to get out of this generic zone. I am not going to tell you the same old cranky advice that almost all the YouTubers and bloggers give about drinking more water, working out and grooming regularly because

a)   I am not generic

b)   If you are a human, you should know the importance of keeping yourself clean and working out.

So, let us get started with my non-generic advice.


Advice 1: Be Passionate about something


I mean why do I even have to talk about this? If you are not passionate about something, what do you even have to talk about in your life. Have something in your life that you can go on about for hours and still would have something to say. It could be music, books, football, basketball, soccer, writing, anything. Nothing is too odd to be passionate about. Have something in your life that you would even want to do after a long tiring day. Work on this and you are already miles away from the generic zone.


Advice 2: Speak slowly


I know it is a busy world out there and everyone is in a hurry to get the work done. So, it seems economical to speak fast but, it does not serve the purpose at all. When you speak fast, you eat a lot of words while talking so half of the time, people are either clueless about what you said or they get half of what you are trying to say. Apart from this, it makes you look as if you fear expressing yourself and think that people might walk away if you would not complete your part of the conversation fast. Tell me the name of a single passionate speaker who speaks too fast, I bet you cannot. See a video of a good speaker and notice how people in the crowd are spellbound by the way they speak. Do you think people walk away from their speeches/debates because they speak too slow? No, hell they do not. When someone speaks slowly it gives off a vibe that what they are trying to say is important and must be heard. One more thing to avoid while talking is sounding monotonous, your expression of words should not sound like a poem of a pre-schooler, it should be a combination of deep voice (low pitch), sharp voice (high pitch). Follow this advice and you would already have an edge over 90% of the people.


Advice 3: Grow a beard if you do not have a symmetrical face


Beards are a good way to hide the asymmetry of your face. Beards are a good way to hide your fucked-up jawline and it also makes your face look more symmetrical. Also, drop the creepy only-mustache look please, people who could pull off this look are far too less.


Advice 4: Polarise


Polarise in basic science definition means to separate into two opposing groups. I want you to do this too in case of people you hang out with. You might have noticed that there are some people with whom you click with no efforts at all. These are the people that you love hanging out with, people who motivate you to be better, people who have the same vibe as yours. I want you to stay away from the people who do not match your vibe. That does not mean that you should roam around with a stick up your ass and say “Fuck off” to everyone and anyone who has an opinion that does not match yours. People who have a different opinion are the people who let you see the world from a different perspective and sometimes your perspective is the only thing that is stopping you from achieving something big so, it is good to have people like these in your life. I rather want you to stay away from toxic people who always bring a hell lot of negativity, laziness, counter-productivity in your life. These are the people that do not match your vibe and you always feel sad around them. When the vibe matches productivity, happiness, time management follows. Like polarising, I want you to separate the people you hang out with into two groups and say “Fuck off” to the toxic and the negative ones. It is true when they say, “Your vibe attracts your tribe”, so all I have to say is let your vibe choose your tribe and see the amazing results that follow with it.


Apart from these things, there is one more very basic but important things that makes you less generic and more unique. For example, it is very important to be confident and have a positive attitude towards life because sometimes you could also be the toxic guy/ girl of the group so working on your attitude is also a must. In the end, it is all about having fun so, as long as you are having fun and you enjoy being who you are, it does not matter if you are generic or unique.


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