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Fasting for Fat-loss

Some people fast for spiritual reasons thinking that it will cleanse their bodies. Well, there is no doubt about it, it is scientifically proven that fasts help to remove toxins from the body. But when you fast (i.e. not eat anything) for a prolonged time, it depletes the organs and muscle glycogen also it causes the body to run at extremely low levels of electrolytes. The fasts are also known to decrease the metabolism of the body. But adding to the benefits, there have been scientific studies showing that the fasting increases the testosterone hormone and growth hormone levels, it also helps to regulate insulin's level in the body. Fasting for fat failure is a very common activity these days but fasting for long could place some serious stress on the body. And the damage done to metabolism could also be permanent in some cases.   Today I will give you a way to fast in such a way that it will not only give the above-mentioned benefits of fasting but will also increase your