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Communication Skills (Part I - Listening)

  Most of the people are mistaken that more talking means better conversation. The more you talk, the lesser you know of the other person. I highly doubt you will have good communication with someone that you don’t even know anything about. So, to be better at conversation, we need to master the art of listening. “ Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. ” ― Stephen R. Covey.   In my very first blog , we talked about “Confirmation bias” which says that we as a human are psychologically programmed in such a way that we accept the ideas/opinions that align with ours and reject the ones that do not. When we are offered a different opinion, we bombard the other person with our ideas with an intent to assert our opinion. When we are listening to somebody, we are constantly accepting/rejecting his ideas by splitting them into parts that we believe and the ones that we do not. So, during a conversation even when we are listening to so