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Hunching forward/backward - Is your workout causing you a bad posture?

 Different people have different aims in mind when they start exercising. Some people exercise to look good in the mirror while some exercise to compete. The last thing that we expect from our workout is a bad posture. Today I will talk about how your workout program could lead to that. This blog is specifically about how certain workout programs could cause you a hunch so I will not talk about other factors like sitting for a prolonged time, sleeping in weird positions, tight lower back, weak glutes, etc. We will keep these topics for some other blog.   The anatomy of the upper body:     The upper body must perform two basic operations i.e Push and Pull. The push requires the strength of the front shoulders, chest, and triceps (The part of arms behind the Biceps) while the pull motion requires the strength of the rear shoulders (also referred to as the delts), back, and biceps. The push is further basically divided into three sub-motions i.e vertical pushing (more emphasis o

Five fundamental Rules you can't afford to ignore when you are aiming for that Greek God Physique

 You must have seen the statues of Greek Gods like Zeus, Poseidon, and others. All have that well-built proportional physique which could make even the fittest of guys feel insecure around them. But is it something that only genetically gifted guys could enjoy? Nope, anyone could build strong lean visible muscles with smart and hard work combined. I will not give you that pep talk to motivate you to hit the gym harder but today I will talk about how to hit the gym smarter. Well, you might have already heard about eat clean, sleep 8 hours, drink water, etc. So, I would not be talking about basic stuff like these. Perform Compound Lifts:   The exercises could basically be divided into two broad categories: a.     Compound lifts b.    Isolation lifts The compound lifts (bench press, squats, deadlifts, military press, pull ups, rows) as the name implies hit more than one muscle group at the time. While isolation exercises (bicep curl, triceps extensions, etc) are only specific mu