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Are you always tensed?

  Relaxation is an art. People are so tensed these days that they can't relax. When we think about relaxation, it sounds like “just close your eyes and sleep” to us. But, for most people, deep relaxation is very hard. The biggest obstacle in relaxation is the state of turmoil that people are continuously in with their muscles still twitching. I do not know how many problems from physical problems (like cramps, tightness) to mental problems (like stress, depression) happen just because people are unable to release their tension and relax properly. Today we will talk about two very simple techniques that could help you relax explicitly. They are very basic techniques but over time, we have completely lost control over them. Breathing:   You might be thinking that this sounds like something everybody does. Yes, everybody breathes but a very negligible amount of people does it properly. Next time when you are worried about something, notice your breathing pattern, you will realize

How to be non-generic?

Quite a lot of people are afraid to be an odd one out of the group. The people who do not abide by the rules/ideals normalized by people are often referred to as eccentric. If there is something called “too odd” then trust me, there is something called “too-generic” too. Being generic causes stagnation and the boring life follows. Almost everyone except for a very few people is living the same monotonous boring life and they crave to find something new, something mysterious, something that they do not quite fully understand. And if you have always felt invisible and sad then that is because you are too much like other people (generic) i.e you are just like everyone else . I mean why would someone want to spend his/her time on a guy/girl who has nothing interesting/different going on their life. Today I will give you advice on how to get out of this generic zone. I am not going to tell you the same old cranky advice that almost all the YouTubers and bloggers give about drinking more w