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Social Proof! How you could be manipulated in uncertain conditions?

The concept of social proof states that when an uncertain situation arises that we are not an expert at, we are likely to look around us for the right thing to do in this situation. The higher the number of people doing it, the higher we are likely to perform it too. The Experiment: Three psychologists Stanley Milgram, Leonard Bickman, and Lawrence Berkowitz ran a simple experiment in 1968 to demonstrate the phenomenon of social proof. In this experiment, the experimenters made a certain number of people stand on a street corner and had them look up in the sky without any reason at all . The experiments had three scenarios: 1.     Only one person was standing on the street corner and looking upward. 2.     A group of 5 people was standing and looking upward. 3.     A batch of 15 people was standing on the corner and looking upward. The results? In the first case, a very tiny fraction of the passing pedestrians stopped to see what that one person was looking at. In the se