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No-porn or Yo-porn?

  Before jumping to the main topic, let us first talk about the reward system of our body. The rewards system could be described as rewarding stimuli. The brain increases the release of neurotransmitters (dopamine) when it experiences a rewarding stimulus. This dopamine in exchange makes us feel happy. The rewarding stimulus could be anything from eating food, drinking sugary drinks (that taste very good) to watching beautiful scenes of nature and experiencing something beautiful.   Watching/experiencing sex is also one of the rewarding stimuli that humans can experience so it causes a rush of dopamine through their body hence making them happy. Porn does the same thing to us. You might be wondering that if the porn makes us happy, why is this guy ranting about it? You’ll know.  Problems:   Corrupts your reward system:   The easy exposure of dopamine with just a few clicks is the main reason for the corruption of your reward system. In this constantly busy world, the need for i