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Debunking 7 myths about Exercise

1.     Stretching before workout prevents injury By stretching most of the people mean static stretching and the biggest issue with static stretching is that while performing it, you are making your joints and muscles loose. But when you work out, your muscles and joints are under tension hence they tighten up. So, stretching is in no way preparing you for your intense workout. It is rather loosening you up, which could even lead to injury if you're doing an explosive workout. The best way to warm-up before working out is to perform the same exercise with lower weights so that your muscles and joints tighten up a bit and are prepared for what is coming next.   2.     A morning workout is better than evening workout Morning routines are better for people who are trying to lose weight. The thing to focus on here is that losing weight is not the same as losing fat. The morning workout is better for losing weight because in the morning, your body is in a fasted state since