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Flaws of Subconscious Mind

There have often been points in our life where we stopped ourselves from doing something or did something that we were not going to do because we had a gut feeling to do so. These gut feelings/instincts are not something that we explicitly think about, they just subconsciously come to us. The reflexes are also a sort of instinct. These gut feelings/instincts/ subconscious actions have served us quite well and they continue to be a very important aspect for our survival as a species. For example, how we immediately pull our hand when we touch a hot surface without even thinking about it for a second, and our inclination towards running away from immediate/unexpected loud noises (horns) have saved us quite a few times. But, since we do not think about these subconscious actions, it could be easy for someone who has a basic knowledge of working of these instincts to exploit us. For example, crows treat all the eggs in their nest as their own, cuckoos exploit these parental instincts o

Men's Fashion (Choosing the right color coordination)

  “Never underestimate the power of what you wear. After all, there is just a small bit of you sticking out at the neck and the cuff. The rest of what the world sees is what is draped on your frame”, Oscar Schoeffler (Esquire Magazine’s legendary fashion editor). Hence your attire should be chosen in such a way that it brings liveliness to the visible parts of your body. Color is most often the neglected part of the attire even though it plays a major role in deciding the aesthetics. Color influences first impressions more than any other aspect of your attire. Women very well know the importance that colors play in deciding the vibe, but men do not have the same kind of access to cosmetics as women and they do not have different shades to play with. Hence their attire’s color should be planned in such a way that it brings out the best of your appearance. Colors not only affect the way you look but some colors are even known to influence the rate of respiration and heartbeat. But I am