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Men’s Fashion (Suit up)

  We talked about color coordination in my last blog . Choosing the right color coordination for any outfit (formal/casual) is a must but it is not the only thing that a man should focus on for sartorial perfection. Today, we will focus on the other important aspects that are necessary for mastering the art of formal dressing. Mastering these aspects along with the art of choosing the right color coordination will give you an edge over people who do not follow these. So, without any further ado, let us get started.   The Jacket Shoulder: The Jacket’s shoulder acts as a frame for the head so the narrower the frame (shoulder length), the larger the head will look. And wider the shoulder, the smaller the head will look. Hence people with large heads should get their jackets tailored in such a way that the shoulder width is a little larger than their shoulder-length, which will give the illusion of a smaller head, and people with smaller heads should try to wear jackets with shorter