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Feeling Sad? This is how Social Media might be the reason for it!

  Social Media has become very common these days. From children to elderly people, everyone is on social media of some sort. While some use social media to connect with friends and family while others use it to escape the monotony of day-to-day work by viewing funny clips and memes.   Dopamine: Dopamine is called “the feel-good hormone” which is released into our body when we perform an activity that we crave. For example, eating something good, watching a movie that we have wanted to watch for so long, intimate relations, etc. trigger the release of dopamine which makes us feel good.   The relationship between dopamine and Social Media: All types of social media are forms of distraction in one way or the other. And scientific studies show that distractions also trigger the release of dopamine in the body i.e our brain craves something new/distraction (more on that here ). And distractions as you know are already sufficiently available on Social media.   Feeling sad aft

How to answer "So, What do you do?" without being awkward!

  Person : So what do you do? You : I am an engineer. Person : …. Oh, that’s great. You : thanks. Person : ….. You : So what do you do? Person : Ohh, I am a Doctor You : Doctor is great!! Person : ….   Does this conversation sound familiar? Do you also run into a dead-end when the question “So what do you do?” comes up?   This will be a short blog where I will give you a template that you can follow while answering this question in a non-generic way so that the answer to the question about your occupation leads to a better conversation. To answer this question, you must divide your answer into three parts as follows: 1.     Who do you it for? 2.     What do your clients/customers want or need? 3.     How does it change/transform their lives?   There you have it, the template. You do not need to answer these questions in any specific order just to try to answer as many of these three. Now, let us elaborate on each question a little.   Who do you do

Achieve More by Doing Less (No BS guide to getting things done)

  There have often been situations where we are over-burdened and stretched too thin with a lot of work. These are the moments that make us question if it is all worth it. Let me tell you one thing, it is not. I might be the first person on the internet to say this, but it is true. Well, it is not our fault at all. We are living in a society where every average person is shown the dream “You can have it all”. And it is very easy to get caught in the fa├žade of “You can have it all”. As Mark Manson in his book “ The Subtle Art of not Giving a F*ck ” puts it- “ You and everyone you know are going to be dead soon. And in the short amount of time between here and there, you have a limited number of f*cks to give. Very few, in fact. And if you go around giving a f*ck about everything and everyone without conscious thought or choice—well, then you're going to get f*cked.” What I want to say by including this statement is that people say “Yes” to every opportunity thinking that the